PlayErrors Short Story is staffed by an energetic team that assists video game lovers in finding solutions to errors which hinder them from playing. It also recognizes that it is annoying when errors occur during a game and may interrupt the whole game experience.

Our Values


As we began our mission to create this website, which is of paramount importance to us, we promised each other to give our best shot, only and all the best! Our mission? Our mission, dear players worldwide, is to offer crystal clear and working solutions for dealing with those annoying video game bugs, problems and glitches that cause insanity.

We want to share our love, wisdom, and skills to make your gaming trip more enjoyable. We know gaming is not just a hobby, its a lifestyle. And for that reason; we assure you, that you have got the best source, guide and customer care services from anywhere in the world.


At our primary focus is assisting gamers like you in resolving any errors they may encounter during their gaming sessions. We understand that these errors can be quite frustrating and disrupt the enjoyment of playing video games. That’s why we established this website to offer effective solutions for the common video game errors.
Our dedicated team consists of gamers and tech experts who are enthusiastic about helping others. We strive to ensure that our solutions are accessible to everyone, that’s why all of our content is provided free of charge.

Our team is worldwide and we are happy about it as it features diverse talents, perspectives and experiences in gaming.

We are at the heartbeat of the gaming industry, wherever it occurs in the world. When it comes to finding technical instructions, latest gaming news, in-depth product reviews, expert gaming advice, or just some socializing on gaming matters, “PlayErrors” is the place to be.

We sincerely appreciate your visit to We hope that our solutions prove beneficial, for your gaming experience.